Hamburg | HafenCity

0 Posted by - October 19, 2013 - Hamburg

After a spate of weeks with plenty of short nights we could finally have a good night’s rest. It was such a good feeling to wake up by ourselves and not because of an electronic gadget making some annoying noises. We enjoyed a big cup of cappuccino with a load of foamy milk on top… Pow…!

While drinking our delicious coffees we were observing the Hamburger weather – sunny but extremely windy! In other words if we wanted to leave our comfortable flat we would wrap ourselves in warm and – very important – draughtproof jackets. And yes – we really wanted to go out because at midday we had an appointment with some of our new colleagues for a guided walk in the HafenCity.

We were approximately 25 students from all over the world – Egypt, Colombia, Serbia & many more. During two hours we got a lot of information about this new district in Hamburg. We were strolling around in the midst of classy designed residential and office buildings, barks, large container ships, cranes and waterways. The rebuilding of HafenCity is an impressive city-planning project – not only because it is the largest one in Europe regarding the landmass. The main target is to connect this southern part with the rest of the city.  The HafenCity is kind of separated from the rest of Hamburg because of the waterways and the old warehouse district. It’s a pretty ambitious project but there are many clever ideas behind it and therefore most of the people think that it will work out.

In March 2014 our university will move to HafenCity. We are really looking forward to this moment – it must be amazing to study REAP in the middle of a harbour.