Chez Barbara | Bed & Breakfast

0 Posted by - October 22, 2013 - Projects

The lovely Bed & Breakfast “Chez Barbara” was one of our small projects we were elaborating in the last few weeks.

All started with to empty rooms at Barbara’s house. The main task was, how these former bedrooms could be vivid again. It was a much discussed question and in the end we finally decided to set up a Bed & Breakfast.

Our budget was heavily limited – first, that was a tough boundary, afterwards we could deal with it very well. We basically took all of Barbara’s furniture – from the attic to the basement – and looked, how we could use it for the two bedrooms. It was sometimes pretty funny to scrabble in old furnitures – it is incredible what kind of forgotten objects you can find in an attic…

In the end we were sawing through old bookshelves, demolished a monstrosity of a wardrobe, repainted pale colours and sewed beautiful pillowcases from Indian silk.

It took about 4 days for all this creative as well as relieving work. The drudgery came afterwards – taking photographs, creating inviting texts, setting up a homepage… But now everything is ready and we would like to announce:

The “Chez Barbara” is now open and ready to coddle guests from all over the world!

Please check out some more details on & book your room via