IN:CH 2014 // intercultural workshop

0 Posted by - March 28, 2014 - Bern University of Applied Sciences, IN:CH

The participants of the IN:CH Studio 2014 brought along manifold backgrounds:
:: cultural backgrounds: Swiss // Indian // Spanish
:: fields of study: architects // engineers
:: level of studies: bachelor students // master students

This lead to the fact, that the participants had to work in intercultural as well as interdisciplinary teams. In order to “prepare the ground” for smooth teamwork, we organized an intercultural workshop for the students, which aimed to give the them an understanding of culture, intercultural competences & crosscultural communication. The program included the following parts:
:: defining important terms & concepts related to” Culture” & “Interculture
:: discussing each present culture with Geert Hofstede`s “Cultural Dimensions
:: discussing in class the term “Culture” with the aid of Geert Hofstede`s “Cultural Onion
:: defining a “Team Culture” for the IN:CH 2014
:: Spaghetti-Marshmallow-Competition

The workshop started in the evening & lasted till the late evening! It was a great experience to not only get acquainted with each other, but also understand the other persons culture & way of working. The successful teamwork in this IN:CH Studio approved, that the workshop was an important part of the introduction.

PS: Also we were working in an intercultural environment – the Indian way of working & preparatory work are slightly different to what we are usually used to. So we could simultaneously apply (& test), what we just taught to our students…



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