Workshop @ die kleine urbanität in Hamburg

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In the second week of June 2015, we took some time to join a workshop organised by the büro luchterhandt at “die kleine urbanität” for the 8th Architectural Summer in Hamburg.

The topics related to this 5 evenings were rotating around possible links and conflicts between agriculture and urbanism, and the opportunities and threats it would be possible to create in different scales if there were more dialogue about it, as well as a more efficient interdisciplinary work. The first 2 evenings we got very interesting introductory presentations, the remaining 3 evenings we were working in 3 different research groups.

For our small research group – BenG & Felicitas Klemp – the focus has been given to quantitative research. Before start looking at the creation of new opportunities, we decided to dig into the realm of data to understand the eating habits of Germans, and to understand how these habits influence the use of  land – be it for veggie production, grazing land for animals, or for getting dairy products. After having found out that Hamburg would need an area at least six times bigger than it actually is to produce its eaten up food locally, we had a look at strategies that could help to reduce the current land use.

With our research we drafted some results based on different strategies. The scenarios we visualised include:

  • the use of different food production systems // open land & greenhouse, conventional & organic, hydroponic, produced locally or abroad
  • the possibility of changing the habits of the consumers // consequences of various eating habits, e.g as the recommendations of the DGE (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung) or one vegetarian day a wekk
  • reduction of food waste.

We would like to express our gratitude to the Luchterhandt team for giving us the chance to join this workshop week and sharing their ideas with us – we have learned a lot and got the last necessary “stimulus” for our Master Thesis topic. And last but not least: thank you for the really delicious delicacies. It was definitely a cosy, but inspiring working environment.

From June the 15th until July the 03rd the results of these creative sessions will be exposed at die kleine urbanität gallery situated right in the middle of the growing Hafencity Hamburg (Shanghaiallee 6). Everyone is more than welcome for having a last sneak peek and some more constructive discussion at the finissage on July the 3rd, starting at 6 pm.

For more information: die kleine urbanität | dku facebook | 8. architektursommer 2015



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